About us

3M s.r.l. works with mechanic processing, with services and industrial assemblage, that are applied in the following areas: mechanical, iron and steel, chemical, paper, alternative energy and alimental, military and aerial. 3M s.r.l. is located in Rocca D\'Evandro (CE) in the industrial area of Cassino (FR), with special areas addicted to mechanical processing, to quality, to assemblage of the ancestor and to offices and it is well located thanks to the adjacent main streets of the centre of Italy, and this to improve the production and to reduce delivery time.


Nowadays 3M s.r.l. is well claimed in the area of
mechanical processing for its technical skills and complexity of its services.
Together with a young dynamism is there thirty-year senior competences, especially in the
design and project area, carpentry, precision mechanics, paper and textiles.


3M s.r.l. is well claimed as providers for very important customers all over the world, thanks to its high production and very short time for the design. Nowadays it exports to these main countries: Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Usa, Iran, Taiwan, France, Germany, Australia , Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Bahrein, Syria, Rumania and South Korea.


3M s.r.l. - Via Demanio Vandra Z.I.
Rocca D'Evandro (CE) P.Iva 012345679