Standard Processing

3M srl does for others mechanical processing and produces completed implants appropriated for iron and steel area, chemical area, cars area, paper area and alternative energy area. Thanks to its modern and powered equipments 3M s.r.l. does both the design of mechanical equipments and the built and delivery of handling equipments, transporters, elevators, transfer pick up and implants of welding guides, handgrip for special extraction of thermoplastic moulds.

3M srl also does all carpentry metal processing, as sand-blasting, veener, galvanitation to offer to customer the best completed product. It also does equipment assemblage and of mechanic groups and it is specialized to offer ordinary and extraordinary service of attendance, also dated or rush intervention always with the guaranty that in all works there is high quality and peculiarity according to customer.

Further mechanical processing

  • Steel moulds and cast-iron moulds for sheet metal moulding
  • electro bonding for oil-bearing area
  • 3D copying

3M s.r.l. - Via Demanio Vandra Z.I.
Rocca D'Evandro (CE) P.Iva 012345679