Special Processing

3M srl does special mechanical processing with high technology equipments for medium and big dimensions and for the smallest and medium orders. To this we must add software CAM_CAD processing and math data processing, by which the customer can follow all the technology processing, easy to adapt to all production processes with advantages promptly quantified.

It Can be also possible mentioned other processes:

  • Chromium plating
  • Tungsten and Molybdenum and so e strong material until 62HRC.
  • Ceramic process of special metals.
  • vulcanization and covery with erase (((CHE TIPO DI GOMMA è) UNTIL 90 sh.
  • Thermic process as cementation and Carbon process
  • Thermic processes as steel atteempers and clearing up of build steelOltre alle precedenti, le macchine utensili di ultima generazione di cui è dotata

Our Company can do very hard mechanic processing

  • intense drilling
  • tangential rectification
  • round rectification
  • Horizontal and perpendicular milling of 5 axis of X12000, Y1600, Z3500 mm
  • boring
  • reaming
  • turnery of ø1600 x 12000 mm

Our company can do these processing both on steel and iron combinations and on special materials, as aluminum combination, inox steel, maranging steel, plastic substances, titanium combination, Ergal, Inconel, copper combination etc. All work programs are managed by CAD_CAM software that are completed for all production program.


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